Hangabouts Signs is a customisable and interchangeable signage and visual merchandising system that gives retailers and marketers the ability to re-use their point of sale material every year. Monthly promotional material can have a section dedicated to a specific theme or marketing message without having to print a poster for a few weeks and then throw it away, saving the retailer a considerable amount of money. The system also has an easy to use interchangeable pricing system allowing the store to quickly change the price in seconds.

Our system was developed because of company compliance issues and because the stores are time poor. The flexibility of the system allows retailers to use it for everything from category signage, merchandising system, window displays, bulk ends, floor displays to ticketing systems. We have also developed our own product range of customisable & interchangeable signs for cars, motorcycles, trucks, caravans, boats, gardening tools and lawn mowers.



SIGN design


Including GST

  • Account Manager
  • One Custom Design including the shape
  • Unlimited revisions